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  • Trixi 5 years ago

    What can I say? I saw Pink on the Paul OGrady show the other day and she was brilliant, just wondering wen the dates for the UK tour are coming out? Does anyone know my 5yr old niece Lauren keeps mythering me she absaloutly loves Pink and knows all the words to her songs. Well done for your UK no 1 we knew you would do it Smiling xxxx

  • Trixi 5 years ago

    I saw Pink on c4 on the Paul Ogrady show in the UK she was being interviewed and was Fantastic. My niece Lauren is 5yrs old and is obsessed with Pink. When is she touring the UK? I must get tickets as I have promised to taken Lauren to see her in concert. From Lauren first talking she has been singing Pink songs. She will deffo win
    Love Trixi n Lauren

    xxxxxxxxxx Smiling

  • Trixi 5 years ago

    Just read you bio and I am really impressed. It is so good to see that you are normal and you do have feelings and you do get upset just like the rest of us. (not good that you are upset) just that you are not like a lot of the role models out there, size 0, dont eat, dont get upset. You are you and what you see is what you get! Life is life sometimes good sometimes s*** and thats just it we have to deal with it best we can. Would love to know when you are coming to England? Cant wait for the album Funhouse sounds Fantastic. Keep doing what u do best, being true to yourself.



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