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  • joybyrd 4 years ago

    I am stoked about this show.....I'm glad its happening at patriot center. Its a great venue. Pink, you should come and check out the best pizza in the valley when you're here. Melting Pot Pizza, Front Royal, Va. If you like thin and crispy you'll love this....But I will see you at the show.......Front Row if I'm lucky.....


  • joybyrd 5 years ago

    Whats Up with that? since I became aware of your great talent I have been waiting to catch your show. I am a mother of 4 ( 2 grown and 2 pre-teen(12)) I don't understand why you havent set any tour dates for the USA as of yet. Did someone tick you off. If so, please don't take it out on the fans. I am trying to teach my girls the art of concert going as I have been going to concerts since I was 13. I have been to over 100 concerts in my lifetime and I'm not finished yet. Give us a heads up when we might see some USA dates....
    With much love and respect,
    Preteen-Mom in Virginia


  • joybyrd 6 years ago

    Hey there Pink, First of all, I love your music. My friends can't believe I'm in to your music and style. I think its great. YOu remind me of me. very down to earth and doesnt take any crap..I caught the clip of your and your dad doing the duet. Loved it...another clip I caught was on the today show. you were singing bobby megee, that was bone chillin...keep up the good music gal...I look forward to hearing more of your stuff...and I can't wait to catch you in concert....



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