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  • CaraLeone 4 years ago

    I adore the new album, its my best friend, I recently went to your concert in London O2 10December. I travelled from South Wales to my first concert (yes im 17 and had never been to a concert) with my absolute favorite artist in the world (Lived abroad for 10 years i can say that Smiling ) and my God it was worth the wait P!nk !!!!! I came out shaking, ive never been so excited for anything. Please come to Wales so I can see you again Smiling

  • CaraLeone 4 years ago

    some of my favorite lyrics are;
    have you ever wished for an endless night, lasooed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight?
    im not scared at all of the cracks in the crystal ball
    coz were all P!nk inside Smiling

    was thinking of one of them on my ancle (thatll kill)


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