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  • Dido23 5 years ago

    ur not the most beautiful woman on earth, but u have defenitely taken over my heart.
    it's like i know this girl 4 centuries...so close 2 me...every song she sings talks about me...
    she's so natural and down-to-earth...i love her and i can't get enough of her!!!
    i wonder what she was singing!

  • Dido23 5 years ago

    Man! She always raises the bars!!!
    I mean this is better than "I'm Not Dead"...
    and "I'm Not Dead" is better than "Try This"!!
    This is her best work ever!

    I just love her outfit...love the background...love the hourse!
    and the font...my my! can't stop lookin at this cover...
    i just can't wait to hold it in my hand!


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