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  • Ellie C 2 years ago

    I have been with you sinc day one your royal p!nkness and evrytime you open your mouth you amaze me more and more each day. I love the way you r mind works and how you speak to the world and to us all and give us much to think about. I love you to the moon and back (and back again many times!) thank you again and again and again for evrything you have taught me and given us, as fans. Your truly loyal fans forever. I do believe there are no other fans like us as you are quite simply the best and always will be.

  • Ellie C 3 years ago

    CONGRATULATIONS your royal P!nkness more than well deserved love you to the moon n back!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ellie C 4 years ago

    has the dec 13th date been changed to oct25th at manch arena?if so woo hoo even closer ive got butterflies!xx


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