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  • JoJo83 6 years ago

    A big HI to P!nk & to all you other crazy fans out there!

    Just want to say the biggest THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and THANKS to the team behind your shows.

    Good Luck with your last tour show for a bit, I got to see 2 shows this year, you keep getting better & better!

    Speaking on behalf of your fans, we're very grateful for all the shows this year, you have worked your ass off! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did! We will miss you! Please don't be away for years!!

    naughty but nice, that's me <3

  • JoJo83 6 years ago

    Just to say hope you have a kickass time in SA, you should go take a holiday at the The Royal Livingstone Hotel it's the best!! & go on Safari!!

    I made a donation to PETA today, if I knew how to get a prezzie to you then I would send you diamonds! ; )

    Hope you have loadsa fun 2nite, can't wait to see you next year & hear new tunes (although am still loving the others!)

    Take care A

    Lots of love, one of your many fans who thinks you are awesome star!


    xx <3 xx

    naughty but nice, that's me <3

  • JoJo83 6 years ago

    Not fair!! Did she remember you? xx

    naughty but nice, that's me <3