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  • on pink
    JoMc71 5 years ago


  • JoMc71 5 years ago

    Damn girl , I dont think you could get any hotter if u tried are you even capable of looking plain I doubt it.Love you love your voice you rock, keep making great music.

  • JoMc71 5 years ago

    I know how you feel and Im sorry you do feel that way I hope you have support to help through this.Its the only way to keep going the love and kindness of those who love me has kept me alive . I hope you find peace. I think its great you can express your feelings through poetry , thats why people like us love P!nks music and lyrics she has the ability to say it spot on. Once again I wish you well and hope things get better for you soon, dont give up or give in to those voices ok.