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Nobody Knows (Billy Mann/ P!nk)
Nobody knows, nobody knows but me that I sometimes cry. If I could pretend that I'm asleep, when my tears start to fall and I peek out from behind these walls. I think nobody knows, nobody knows, no. Nobody likes, nobody likes to lose that inner voice. The one I used to hear before my life made a choice. But I think nobody knows, nobody knows. (Chorus) Baby, oh this secret's safe with me. There's nowhere else in the world that I could ever be. And baby, don't it feel like I'm all alone? Who's gonna be there after the last angel has flown? And I've lost my way back home. I think nobody knows, no. Nobody knows. Nobody cares, it's win or lose not how you play the game. And the road to darkness has a way of always knowing my name. But I think nobody knows, nobody knows, no no no no. (Chorus) Tomorrow I'll be there my friend. I'll wake up and start all over again, when everybody else is gone. No no no. Nobody knows, nobody knows the rhythm of my heart. The way I do when I'm lying in the dark and the world is asleep. And I think nobody knows, nobody knows, nobody knows , but me, me.
By: P!nk