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  • lcuzman 2 years ago

    Love you, pink. Did you have your baby yet? Good Luck to both of you. I'm watching my two year old granddaughter, Alyssa, while her mother is at the hospital giving birth to my new grandson. As I'm sure your mom is waiting too. Love your music.....So does my Alyssa.

  • lcuzman 3 years ago

    Awesome song and video. album will be number 1 soon.

  • lcuzman 4 years ago

    went to the concert last night and it was AWESOME..... received two tickets from my co-workers for my 61st birthday, cuz they know "i have all of pink's cd's." went with my brother, peter, had some wine in the car, bought t-shirts for the grand kids and just had a ball. She was so incredible live. wish it lasted longer... KICK SOME ASS PINK. Linda(McHenry, IL.


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