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  • mandarabe 2 years ago

    ARGHHHH!!! Video Not Working..... NEED P!NK !!!!!

  • mandarabe 3 years ago

    The best "Greatest Hits" album ever! Shame you missed off some great songs like Glitter but I guess there's only so much room on one cd... Smiling

    Only one itsy bitsy problem with the album - WHERE DO I GET A CLEAN VERSION!?!?!??? Shocked

  • mandarabe 3 years ago

    Saw P!nk in London 2008 and loved it so much went a second time in 2009! Can't wait 'til she comes back! wish I could have seen her at a Festival but couldn't get time off... Sad

    It's hard to pick a favourite bit, but 2 points come to mind... Glitter In The Air and Bohemien Rapsody - P!nk gave the best rendition I ever heard... Including Queen!

    Can't wait to see what she does next!

    Love ya P!NK

    Don't ever stop or change for anybody!