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  • mc_coffee 4 years ago

    ok so i went in april she was amazing only thing that ruined the show was sum dirty git who had a huge afro and it had the night b4 junk in it...lol and she stank like a prawn farm!!!!!!! obviously did not take advantage of the nia's showers, people please have a wash man its nasty n the smell floats in a hot room!!!! and take breath mints i cant count the amount of rank breath that floats my way!, nasty keep it clean! xx p.s cut ya hair cuz if its in my way im takin battery operated clippers n ur gettin the jack ass treatment! HA

  • mc_coffee 4 years ago

    they eat all the treats and pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mc_coffee 4 years ago

    or perhaps a herm


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