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  • MillyT3 4 years ago

    yerppp all mine (:.. thankyouu.. i try (: let me kno if i shud post more x


  • 1.LIFE
    They say take everyday step by step
    Dont wanna live like this with bills and debt
    So step after step im tryna get out of this place
    Bye mum, bye dad im breaking out the cage
    Yea iv flown the nest and i can run free at my own pace
    Sit in the middle of an open space
    Do what i like when i like
    Live for love and not for spite
    But step by step it leads me back home
    To the place where i felt all alone
    Back to place where people live by guns and knives
    And by booze and drugs they loose their lives
    The place where theres gangs and crews wich run the streets

Favorite Lyric

It Aint Easy Growing Up In World War 3
Never Knowing What Love Could Be That Iv Seen
I Dont Want Love To Destroy Me Like It Did My Family
By: Pink