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  • on moi
    Pink is amazing 4 years ago

    are you all stupid that is pink not this person that thinks she is pink you know it is pink get a picture up and puut it next to it and they will be iidentical and if this is pink i am sorry to say this but if it aint stop trying to be pink she is so much better

  • on Me
    Pink is amazing 4 years ago

    no way matee you dont look nothing like her she is way prettier and matee yooh are a guy not a girl so dream on

  • Pink is amazing 4 years ago

    OMG dont you just love pink i am a massive fan i would love to meet her and the things she has said in some of her interviews about being dangerous adn animals is so honest and she is jsut so open and doesnt let anyone tear her down she will kick their heads in if you are as big as a fan send me a messge back and we can try and get her to come back to australia soon and see her x naomi PINK IS FRIKIN AMAZING LOVEE PINK