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  • PINKFAN1 1 year ago

    ive bought 3 copies so far and plan to buy more:) gotta have all the extra songs and extra cds for when i wear one out Smiling


  • sorry i havent been on here for a while! i did however go to 2 funhouse gigs in fairfax and nyc! the most amazing nites of my life!!!! got to meet justin in fairfax. what a sexy man! wow! also very sweet an nice! didnt get to meet pink herself but i did do 2 oil paintings of her and justin gave them to her for me. wish i knew what she thot of them tho???? grrrr! really hoping she is going to add more dates in the spring!

  • PINKFAN1 4 years ago

    omfg!!!!!!!! thank you soooooooooooooooo much pink!!! we have waited so long to see one of your tours! 5 hour drive for me but i will see u there baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!