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  • pinkwarriordebs 4 years ago

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! What an AWESOME show!!
    I missed out on tickets for your Im not dead tour, so I made doubley sure I got tickets for Funhouse & Im SO glad I did, you are a born performer/entertainer, your voice is AMAZING! & your energy is contagious, you had us all rocking with you! How you manage to sing whilst doing a flying trapeze is well...... just unfathomable???
    I enjoyed the show so much that I came home that night & booked tickets to come & see you again in October, once is DEFINITELY NOT enough, need anymore roadies?? lol

    Also your gang are AWESOME too!! Smiling

  • pinkwarriordebs 4 years ago

    I love This Pic, it shows Pink at her fun loving, who gives a S**T best!!!

    LOVE YOU Pink you rock my world!!

    (lifes to short, enjoy every minute of it!)


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