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  • I have never written a blog before so please excuse me if this does not turn out very well.
    Hi to all Pink fan's that choose to read this as you can see from my profile my name is SammyB2010 and i have been a fan of Pink's for a while.
    The first album by Pink that i ever bought was the missundastood album and which i bought because i had heard the single get the party started, and i went home and listened to it in an hour and fell in love with the music and the message it had to say.

  • SammyB2010 3 years ago

    I am gonna get this album as soon as possible coz it comes with a dvd of the FABULOUS Pink herself but it has some of my all time fave songs of her's and some ones that i have never heard before.
    I am glad it is titled Greatest Hits So Far because to me that means we have not seen the best of Pink yet.


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"Raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways, all ma underdogs we will never never be anything but loud"