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  • SandieMack 4 years ago

    I did get an email which stated to click on the link but it takes you to ticketmaster which hasn't got the Hampden date on it for presale today.... well mine didn't although it was there last night!!"!!
    Tried all day on my mobile phone with no result, now home and have got them through the ticket soup link! Thanks for that, I was getting very frustrated as, I, like others as a TRUE fan want to get a ticket to SEE her not to sell them!!!!
    Bring on June!!! Can't wait!!!

  • SandieMack 4 years ago

    So excited to hear about this........... Saw her in Aberdeen and Glasgow this year and now can't wait till June!! Got my Funhouse DVD yesterday, is my birthday next Tuesday so what a way to start a new year!!! So hope I get tickets....Thanks for this opportunity to see P!nk again in Scotland, Hampden will ROCK!!!

  • SandieMack 4 years ago

    I think the video would be fantastic, like the previous Funhouse ones..... Although I'd have to say any song of the album could be it as they're all fantastic!!!
    Whatever it is, it'll be Fab, can't wait till October to see her live again....


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