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  • sophie 5 years ago

    hey everybody,
    my new years resolution id to stop fancing old men. im thirteen and i think its wrong to fanc any man who is in the age of 40-60. People like Richard Gere and two of my teachers. not only do i fanc them i just like them too much. my friends think im mad and weird but i dont care what they think i like um and thats my choice. But i need a new choice like not liking them anymore its taking over my life i need to get out.
    HELP !!!!

  • sophie 5 years ago

    cor uve got fans from all over the world
    that must feel great.
    come to london or ipswich somewhere around there
    luv u p!nk best wishes

  • sophie 5 years ago

    the only reason y im voting for the jonas bros is cuz i dont know any1 else on the list he he i bet thats wat every1 is doing that is vothing for the jonas bros


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