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When you smile I smile. When I need someone to lean on I know you'd go that extra mile. When you cry, i feel your pain. When anythings making you upset it makes me insane. When we hug or kiss I can't hide the happiness on my face. We never knew what a best friend was, but then we gave each other the sweetest taste. And the brightest thing through my darkness is just to hear your voice, feel your touch, see your face. I love you and I know you love me too. I always mean what I say, especially when I say I need you.

When you need help, no matter what, I'll be there to talk. When you need anything I'm on call. When you need a shoulder to cry on, you can fall and I'll catch you. I've got your back. We're both on the same track. We put each other to the test, but we trust we'll have the other to trust till the end. I love you to death and trust you with my life. no matter what I say or do through the stress and strife.

People come and people go. But I know you'll stick through till the end of the show. Through the highs and lows. No matter what happens neither of us will ever let go. When I need help you hold my hand. They lock and to me it's amazing and beautiful like us. And you keep me held on land. And when I need love you hold me in your arms. I know you're the one who can save my heart from harm. I feel safe when I look into your eyes. Nobody can know how grateful I am that we came into each others lives. I'm being honest about how I feel, coz best friends don't need to tell lies.

That pain you feel. When there's ice in every breath you take on a tough winter day. When you break down and cry, and try to take your own life away. When you feel your heart sink, you feel it break. When you wake up from what you thought was a nightmare, but realize. Nothing beautiful lasts forever. But we can still try to promise never. You are one of the most beautiful things in my life. When I imagine what it'd be like being without you, i feel the blade of that knife.

I love you best friend, and I always will till the end. You are the ecstasy to the insanity in my head. Through any pain this life will send. I pray that you'll always be there with a hand to lend... I love you best friend, and I always will till the end.
From: “Smile”
By: Sophie Ward (Me)