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  • xxlawless 5 years ago

    yay go P!NK, u deserve it, more than deserve it.
    u know the day i found out you was releasing ur new album this day i got so giddy, i was like a 5yr old at christmas lmao, i cant wait.

    Id Quot Circumiret, Circumveniat!

    Id Quot Circumiret, Circumveniat!

  • xxlawless 5 years ago

    pInk, u r the most amazing artist ever to have created anything, u say it all, what u hate what u love, what u believe, i love it.
    you amaze me completely!!!
    u say what we all can only dare to think and for that i thankyou, its like you are our strength to say it if u know what i mean?!?
    anyway, sooooooooo cant wait til the album comes out, (it is october for the uk isnt it?) [please say it is, dont think i can wait any longer lol]

    keep doing what u do best, but most of all P!NK DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPIEST, no matter what.
    love u xxxxx

    Id Quot Circumiret, Circumveniat!


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waking upto innocence, say hello to hesitance, in everyone i meet/ keep on rolling like a stone, cos its gonna be a long way to happy/ now im numb as hell, and i cant feel a thing, dont worry about regret or guilt cos i never new your name. JUST SUCH A STRONG HEARTFELT SONG WITH SUCH POWERFUL LYRICS, KINDA ALMOST GIVES YOU A 6TH SENSE AS TO HOW SHE WAS FEELING, ALMOST LIKE YOUR FEELING THAT PAIN YOURSELF AS YOU LISTEN TO THE WORDS..... VERY CLEVER.